With the vision to be among the leaders in the production of plastic packaging in the foreseeable future, the entrepreneurial team started producing VHS boxes in 1992. With scarce resources and great efforts, a tool for the production of packaging with VHS boxes was designed. ATM is organized as a family business and since 1994, with the purchase of the first plastic injection molding machines in a rented space, began serial production of plastic packaging for audio and video industry. A new approach to business that says that no goal is unattainable soon gave results through the expansion of activities. By investing in sophisticated equipment and automatic lines that enable the production of a large number of pieces with maximum quality, ATM begins the production of packaging for the food and chemical industries.

Organizational structure

ATM owes its high efficiency and flexibility in meeting customer requirements to good organization and quality human resources. The company is organized into five independent, interconnected units: the technical sector, the production sector, the equipment and installation maintenance sector, the quality management sector and the marketing, commercial and financial sector. Encouraging creativity and change as a rule in the work is an integral part of the quality policy of ATM, which has resulted in an extremely wide range of plastic packaging of the highest quality and a dominant position in the regional market.


Production of VHS boxes started of packaging with VHS boxes was designed.


Purchase of the first plastic injection molding machines

Production A new approach to work that says no goal is unattainable soon paid off through business expansion


The first packaging injection molding tools for the chemical and food industries


Packaging printing (screen and offset)


IML printing introduced