What sets us apart from others?

Many years of experience in production guarantees uncompromising quality and the most optimal price.

How long does it take to make the ordered packaging?

Depending on whether the packaging is blank or with an IML label, the delivery range is from 2 to 4 weeks

Do you deliver packaging outside the Republic of Serbia?

Yes, we do. ATM is a company that has been operating outside Serbia for a long time, not only in the EU, but our products can also be found in Asia, North America, etc.

Do you provide transportation?

If larger quantities of products are involved, we also agree with each customer on the method of transport.

What is the price of packaging?

Each order is analyzed according to the quantity, shape, size, label, transport, etc. Ateam of young and successful commercialists forms the price.

Is our packaging healthy?

All our packaging has health certificates.

Can packaging be made at the customer’s request?

Yes, it is possible to make it according to the customer’s wishes. Our team of young engineers is always ready to come up with the best offer and the best solution for our customers. Many years of experience as well as thousands of satisfied customers are proof of that.